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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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power than pg&e that is where you are really going to see the people not opting out because the rates were so quite reasonable. >> thank you. >> great, thank you. and thank you for your presentation. and next up, is ed lindo. >> thank you for considering both. if you look at my resume and my application and you may have a question of what have you done with environmental justice, and that is a fair question. my heart lies in san francisco. and i live here and i am a native and i grew up in vernal heights and i went to middle school with a lot of friends who grew up in bay view hunter's point and there are a lot of issues there and surrounding environmental justice. for me what you are doing today, pushing clean power sf is an issue that effects our community of color and the low
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income and middle class communities and the communities that i came from. and to see the politicalizing the many that others have pushed against the clean power sf has been disheartening, and it all makes sense and then you figure out what does it take? it takes the community to step up. and hopefully, if both miss crews and i, are appointed, with the involvement that we have in the community, we can engage them, and we can say, this is why it is important, this is why, not only do we need people on this commission to care about it but we need the people who will push the city hall and push the mayor and say that we want the clean energy because it does effect us. and it effects us because we are the people of color and because we are the poor community and the example is the effect that is happening in bay view hunter as point and the friends who grew up with asthma and respiratory issues and i want to fight for that. and i went to law school, and i
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think that i am someone who is cap able in wanting to jump on board, and catch up to the learning curb, and let's push this, and let's make it work. that is really all that i have for you and, if you have any questions, i am happy to take them. >> thank you. >> commissioners do you have anything? >> okay, a question from commissioner breed. >> just, if you could talk about lafco weighing in on she talked about the other issues and have you done the research on that? >> absolutely, and i know that one of the lion's share of what you do is clean power sf and having to spend the time speaking with jason and with
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the previous commissioners what are the effects of the displacement on the communities and not just the financial issues but what effect does it have on the community and in creating the sustaining of a viable city and i think that these are issues that could be raised and we have an incredible team and someone who has been able to do the great research. and i think that the opportunities are there, and i think that i want to bring some ideas that are probably different from clean power sf but completely understand that it is really on the capacity of jason and the team here. and if you are not able to do that and you have the focus on clean power sf and so do it and if there are opportunities, working with many of you to see what we need to look at in
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comparison to other municipalities that can have a positive effect on san francisco. >> great, thank you. >> commissioner campos? >> thank you, i don't have a question and i just want to note that i have gotten to know, mr. lindo and i think that this is another really strong applicant. who also brings a great deal of involvement in the community. and i think that besides the commitment to clean power, i think that there are a number of issues, around the affordability and other things where he has worked. so i am happy to support his appointment to one of the two seats as well and i will do so notwithstanding the support of lia pinentel i think that he is a strong candidate. >> okay, very good, commissioner mar? >> yeah, i just wanted to thank mr. lindo for the enthusiasm and the different types of expertise that he would bring to this body. and i wanted to thank you also
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for mentoring, younger people, from within the neighborhoods and coming from vernal heights and also knowing of other south east neighborhoods and i think that expertise will really help, and i did note that you are working with a number of folks from the vernal heights neighborhood center and in tan tum to form a new group that is based on an allen moore novel, you are calling it a league of extraordinary men, and could you talk about mentoring younger people from our south east neighborhoods? >> yes. so the league of extraordinary men is really the imetus of trying to categorize of what the folks did for me in san francisco and i will be brutally honest, i was not the best student, i was the kid that you saw in the corner of mission and saint mary's hanging out with friends. but it took someone to grab me by the collar and say, hey,
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kid, you have something, you have not figured it out yet, but let's get you on track. and there are so many intelligent, smart, driven kids in these communities, that are many, many times overlooked and the reality, i walk into board rooms, and i sit with the ceos and the cfos. and they look at me and they don't think that i came from that community but i try to thel both those in the board rooms and the kids that growing up in the streets are incredibly transferable. and i grew up with friends who sold drugs and friends who ended up in prison but the skills of being able to survive, in the inner city is a skill that at the end of the day, has allowed these kids to build resil ans, and that resil ans in many respects is entangible and something that when i tell them, when you go
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to interview and they ask you, what do you bring to this organization? and i tell them miracles because you were able to survive, beyond the odds. and i tell them, since day one, there have been many bets placed against you. your goal is to make sure that the house loses. your goal is to make sure that you take their money that is bet up against you and i have one of mine here, and i am grateful for him to come and speak. but that is really what the organization is. and right now we have a pilot program working with young boys who have internships throughout the city and city hall and the puc and the police department, and getting paid, and we are establishing our curriculum for the boards from the eastern neighborhoods from the fillmore
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who without the program would not have an internship or a job for the summer. >> could i just ask a question, also, one of the advocates and organizers just posted something on facebook, where she grew up in vernal heights and is talking about the gentrification going on before her eyes and as a white person wanting to be with the low income communities of color as well and i am just wondering how you look at work to pull up lower income communities in the work that you do. >> at the end of the day, we need to have our young students our young be a part of a new economy, we can't leave them in the dust. to think that somehow we need to import talent, from outside of san francisco area, and it is beyond me. and because there are so many
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high, potential youth in this city that if you kept them and said here are the tools and here are some mentors and this is how you win and whether they go on tech or law or public service, what we need to do is provide exposure. and growing up, i did not know a single person who wore a suit to work, i went to law school and i did not meet an attorney until i was a sophomore in college, these kids need exposure and to be able to sit on the commission would be tremendous for me to go back and say that you have someone who in one small fraction represents you. and represents you on the issue that incredibly so impacts you in your community. i think that we need to give the youth now, but even the folks who are in the community now and tell them, hold on, hold on as tight as you can, because at the end of the day, if the bus or if there is a
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correction in the market, you ask who is still going to be here? and it is the people who want to live in san francisco. and that is why i do it. >> now i just wanted to respond that i appreciate your support for people in the community, and organizations but i think that it needs to go bay beyond mentorship and truism from the individuals, i think that it has to be structural and policy-related changes to really address the displacement crisis going on. and i appreciate your responses. >> thank you for your presentation and we can go on to public comment. >> thank you. >> any member of the public who would like to comment, please come forward. and if we could, if there is more than one, we could form a line by the walls, after mr. brooks. >> thank you, commissioners. my name is hea selby and i am
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here in support of cynthia crews for the public seat of the commissioner, and going off the message a little bit, i am also thrilled to this appears to be a wonderful candidate as well and looking at what you are working on, i believe that she will enhance the commission with her passion. she is passionate about good and independent government and she is an executive member and as you all know, just the voters and which was the guide that many san franciscans use to depend on. and she is a frequent speaker at mta board meetings and at the board of supervisors. and she is also passionate about the environment, and a passion that she comes by naturally from her time. she advocated for maintaining
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sunday meters that reduces pollution in san francisco and increases safety for bicyclists and pedestrians and provides more parking for sunday drivers. and she is well versed of clean power sf and she is passionate of working in private industries to strengthen the accountability and citizenship. she serves both on the green team and also, as team captain of her companies giving comfort program, which provides low income cancer patients, with much needed and the most needed items that they have and finally she passionate about doing the research to form good decision making and having been involved and spoken out the choice voting and something that lasco voted on and community aggregate and
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filling vacancies at election tomorrow and i would urge you to apoint miss crews for the position of the public seat of the commission, thank you so much. >> i am with the san francisco clean care advocates and both of these applicants sound great and i want to speak from my organization on behalf of cynthia being appointed to the primary seat and not anything against mr. lindo, but she was able to meet with many of us and we were able to really vet her qualifications. so, and our trust and i think that she will be good as a primary voting member. and also and it does not hurt to have someone from the group, mainly the league of pissed off
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voters, and we need the pissed off people to push it in the right direction and so that does not hurt either and with that said, i think that what mr. lindo was said was excellent and very good to hear and hope that you will appoint him as well for the alternate seat and to both candidates i would say that on the clean power sf itself, which i personally worked on full time for ten years, and many others have worked on quite a bit, and believe me that you may have studied it but there is a huge learning curb on this stuff and please, both candidates sit down with and in depth with the advocates so that you can learn some of the deep intracaseys of this and i also would say to mr. lindo, regardless of which seat you get appointed to, it is crucial that we have the voice of people of colored communities and under served communities and working class communities on the discussion othat we make sure that those
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communities do not get left behind so even if you are an alternate it would be great to see you at every single hearing because we need that input, thanks. >> very good. next speaker please? >> commissioners, usually supervisors, i realize that you are both and then some. i am here today representing the cr club, and the same old. and i want to let you know that the cr club supports cythia crews to the vacant seat six as it is known, her skill set, problem solving and planning and the ability to work on a team or independently, her involvement includes neighborhood act vifl in district five and voter registration and experience navigating san francisco, sometimes maze-like governmental processes, no insult intended. >> she has taken action or spoken out on several areas of interest and most importantly san francisco community choice
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aggregate problem, clean power sf, i want to add, and going off the script, which is dangerous and that her presentation was notable to me and even someone called some of the grumpyist members, the people who are working on 20 years for the clean power that take time to get going and move tiny bits at a time were impressed by her enthusiasm and her story, and so i have noticed that personally about her and she has an energy about her and an ability to keep pushing through, even when the things are iffy and i am impressed by her and so happy pride and please support crews. >> thank you, next speaker, please? >> hello, good afternoon, my name is andy, brew and thank you supervisors and commissioners for hearing us today. and when i heard a few weeks ago that cythia wanted to certain san francisco on the local agency formation commission and i was very excited.
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i am pleased that the people want to sit on these commissions because they are very, very important to what is happening in our city, and serving the interests of the san franciscans and so these folks do not get a lot of credit or a lot of spot light, and i am just so thankful that the folks diligently want to serve on these commissions and serve san francisco and i was also pleased to hear, a bit afterwards, that edwin is running for this seat and we are going to have two great folks on this commission, trusting that the right vote today and 100 percent confidence that crews has the interest of regular san franciscans at heart and that she will serve diligently on this commission and i encourage you to appoint her, thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please? >> hi, i am patrick coners and first i have a prepared statement from the league of pissed off voters who i am representing today.
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the league engages and educates young pissed off and the voter guide for the 17 consecutive elections and i am here to express the league's support for crews to be appointed to seat six and i believe that she is uniquely qualified because her background in the local political activism has led her to see that the research is critical to the active policy. >> and improving the lives of san franciscan and recently she spearheaded the efforts to support clean power sf to follow the administrative processes closely, and
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informing others of it. and we hope that you will consider her for the voting public seat, because she is qualified and a concerned citizen and rather than a professional policy expert or a politician. and her skills will greatly benefit lafco and truster that her research and the policy in san francisco with the values and heart. and you know, my personal recommendation, for miss crews, is that she is, someone that has completely energized my interest in local politics. not just because of her.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hello and thank you. >> leah coal and i live in the mission near sf general and i am a public schoolteacher at burton high school and it serves for the bay view hunter's point and the valley districts and i spend my time and my energy in the communities in which i live and work. and i love the cities and i am enthusiastickly supporting crews for the voting seat, or the voting citizen seat. and this is a great fit, she is her professional skill set is amazing and you have heard about it. and a lot of it, and she is ready, and she is ready and she does not need to do research and she will continue to do research, but she is ready to
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serve from day one. and she also embodies the great combination of empathy as well as fairness and she can imagine herself in other people's shoes and the need for sound public policy, and an example of this would be, and i never once felt unvalidated she speaks her mind and is has no reserve, and reserve about her judgment and her decision making processes. she is tireless and diligent and she is also proven and she has already served the city and for many years as a volunteer, and she speaks out on voices and she withholds judgment for which we can actually hear the
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voices and she feels it is her obligation, to serve on the commissions like this, i also know that she sees it as an honor and enjoys it and i hope that you will consider her for the voting seat. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, next speaker, please? >> hello, my name is jackson west and a reporter and a volunteer and a member and i just want to come and speak on behalf of cythia and i know how frustrating the process can be and she impresses me constantly with her enthusiasm for it and certainly more than i would be able to muster at times and she is definitely committed to a sustain able and a stable san francisco. i think that the attitude would
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be a great collaboration on the commission and reaching consensus and i have relied on her to accept me, source documents for stories so that my reporting can be as accurate as possible and so she has been a resource in the media community for that as well. and so, please, please accept her nomination, thank you. >> next speaker? >> commissioners, supervisor, breed, i am born and raised in san francisco. and mine is very short, and edwin said it very well and i think that we all know that. and i am here to support him because of his passion and his drive that he has and that is all that i have to say. they are both qualified, but he is outstanding and i look forward to see them on the commission. >> next speaker please? >> my name is john and i am
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here in support of edwin, and in the time that i have known him he has been very welcoming, and he has been very i guess empowering. and he has helped me along the way for as long as i have known him now, and i have seen the transformation within the other individuals that we grew up with, where he has made a difference, and a significant one. and so, i am here with the full support and i would hope that you will accept his nomination, now, thank you. >> and thank you, very much, and there are any members, of the public that would like to comment, come forward. and seeing none, coming forward, we will close the public comment. and we want to thank everyone for being here, and it is actually and we would bring out the community members who have been to the meeting before and we have issues that come out for the drive and come in as
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well and they will be great and it also speaks to and it speaks to the candidate and to be able to connect with the constituencies and we have spoken a lot about it and i would like to propose that both serve on this body. commissioner breed? >> thank you. i think that we have two really outstanding candidates. one of the challenges, of course, that we face, with lafco in general is the fact that we need to make sure that we do everything that we can to push to insure that the clean power succeeds in the city. and i do think that i would like to basically take the steps to nominate crews, for the seat the first seat, and edward lindo for the alternative seat. because yes, they are both outstanding candidates, but i am completely familiar with miss crews. advocacy and work around clean power and i think that her voice is one that is needed and
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would help us move in the direction that we need to as it relates to clean power, and i think that mr. brooks mentioned that that even though someone might be an alternate on this board, that they should continue to attend she is meetings and i could not agree more, i think that if you are going to serve as an alternate or as a member, that you ought to be at the table and involved in what is happening here and that to me, would demonstrate, that you truly want to do what we need to do to push forward, clean power, anything else, that we do on this board and so, i really appreciate the time that they are taking out of their schedules to not only come here and ask to be a part, but their willingness to serve, and it truly is an honor and i would like to move that motion, forward, colleagues? >> okay. >> thank you for your motion. and we have a second for that? >> second by commissioner campos and mar, commissioner mar? >> i just wanted to say that as
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an alternate on this body i feel treated equally, and i feel that the candidates will be tremendous and make this body full and really bring new experience and perspectives and really great ideas and i feel really good about lafco right now with the applicants and i wanted to also thank schmeltzer for moving us towards the clean power sf and their dedicated work on lafco as well and thank you, for making those motions and i am totally supportive of commissioner breed's motion. >> great. and you have the other comments? >> okay, so we have a motion on the floor for crews to serve as the first public seat, and lindo to serve as the alternate and it was seconded by commissioner mar and could we take that without objection? >> so done.
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congratulations, to miss crew and mr. lindo. we look forward to serving with you. >> let's go on to the next item, three. >> community choice aggregation activities report, a, the status update on the clean power sf and b, status update on the proceedings at the calf public utilities commissions and c, the status of update for this state legislature. miss hail, welcome. >> thank you, barbara hail, and assistant general manager for power. on 3a, i would like to report that on tuesday, at our regularly schedule puc, public meeting, we held a dedicated workshop on community choose aggregation and we did not
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close it out until 6:30 tuesday evening. and morin and sonoma representatives both came and presented their programs and we had a constructive q&a and the commissioners acknowledged the change and the success of the sort of the start, flow and build approach and strategy that morin and sonoma have undertaken and that was discussed quite a bit and there is definitely interest in further exploring and understanding their approaches, and what it might mean for clean power sf, and it was also discussed, and i want to emphasize that as a take-away at least at the staff level, the staff will be working with the general manager to further analyze the programs and include the clean power sf, and pca options and considerations in the power business plan. and the general manager is already actively attempting to
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meet further with morin and potentially with sonoma to dive deeper than they were able to at the hearing and so we are taking a deeper look at the proposals and not the proposals but the successes of the programs, that were implemented by morin and sonoma. and moving off of the workshop, and unless there are any questions on that? >> we are also continuing to assist in support lafco staff and their study of clean power sf, and working with their consultant, and that is another activity at the puc level. and then, moving to 3 b, the status update on the proceeding of the california puc. and i have reported numerous times on this. and it is the pg&e, activities to attempt